Driving Instruction

Affordable Driving Instruction in Buffalo, NY

We provide affordable driving instruction & student driving courses to individuals in Buffalo, Lancaster, Niagara Falls, Clarence, Amherst & the surrounding areas

The 5-Hour Pre-Licensing course is required for first-time drivers, but new drivers often need hands-on instruction to supplement the course. At O’Day’s Driving School, we have professional, knowledgeable driving instructors who lead driving courses that allow you to be comfortable and confident in your driving abilities.

We Come to You!

At O’Day’s Driving School, we come to you! If you are a student driver preparing for your driver’s test, we can provide you with professional driving lessons in Erie County or Niagara County. Our professional driving instructors will drive to your home, pick you up and teach you the rules of the road while driving around your neighborhood. Let O’Day’s Driving School help you get your driving license!

Benefits of Driving Instruction

New and experienced drivers alike can benefit from our driving instruction. Students will glean the following from our courses:

  • We teach our students how to be drive defensively.
  • Insurance companies may offer savings for drivers who take driving instructions.
  • Students get valuable on-the-road experience with a professional driving instructor.
  • Students will feel more confident on the road.

Confidence and Experience While Driving are Key!

There is much more to driving than simply knowing how to drive and knowing the rules of the road. Our driving instructors want to make sure you are completely comfortable and confident with your driving abilities. We also want to make sure you are prepared to make good decisions when special circumstances arise and that you know what to look for to help you avoid certain situations. For example, when driving on a residential street, keep an eye out for a ball rolling across the street. If you see one, start slowing down so you don’t have to slam on your brakes when a kid chases after the ball and runs into the street. Always pay attention to your surroundings!

Tips like these will help you be ready for anything when you’re on the road and can keep you and others safe.

Contact O’Day’s Driving School today to learn about the driving courses we offer and our special rates.